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Our Services

GOLDEN STATE CRANE offers a wide range of cranes, and our vast crane services include Telescopic Truck Cranes, Boom Cranes, and Crawler Cranes. We serve an extensive range of customer needs with decades of experience in heavy lift services.

GOLDEN STATE CRANE is proud to consistently provide dependable crane services to all industries throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. We offer a wealth of experience in providing solutions for light and heavy lift projects with extensive experience in the transportation, crane and rigging industry. GOLDEN STATE CRANE utilizes the advanced technology of 3D Lift Plan, which allows us to efficiently provide lift plans to our customers, evaluate weight and dimensions of the load, and navigate obstructions on the jobsite.

Our Fleet

  • 15 Ton Crane
  • 30 Ton Crane
  • 40 Ton Crane
  • 50 Ton Crane
  • 75 Ton Crane
  • 90 Ton Crane
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Dropdeck Trailers
  • 60 Ton Rigging Trailer

Trucking & Transport

Heavy Haul • Hazardous Fuels

GOLDEN STATE CRANE works with customers from varying industries such as construction, transportation, telecommunications and manufacturing. Our high-quality trucking services is second to none with modern and well-maintained equipment. Our inventory of flat bed, drop deck, low bed and stretch decks allow us to offer a variety of trucking services, including general hauling and heavy specialized and industrial waste hauling.

You can be sure that your cargo is properly carefully taken care of by our expert operating crews.

Machinery Moving

When you need heavy equipment moved, you can trust GOLDEN STATE CRANE to get it done safely and efficiently. Our modern equipment includes the following:

  • Forklifts from 3,000 to 120,000 lb. capacities
  • Specialized forklift attachments for difficult machines and plants
  • Air Skates
  • Cantilever Systems
  • Mini slide system
  • Baby Gantry


GOLDEN STATE CRANE has one of the nation’s largest inventories of equipment for alternative lifting and engineered rigging. Our wide range of options, combined with our rigging tools, allow our engineers to design innovative solutions to difficult lifting challenges. These specialized lifting solutions offer a competitive alternative to traditional cranes, often lowering site congestion and mobilization costs.

Jack and Roll

GOLDEN STATE CRANE’s jack and roll services are a safe, convenient and cost effective alternative for lifting, moving and weighing over-dimensional loads. Jack and roll is ideal in remote locations where there is limited crane availability, limited crane accessibility, or on sites where space constraints are a major issue. When conventional methods of lifting and moving heavy items are not an option, the jack and roll provides the ideal solution.

GOLDEN STATE provides our customers with 3D CAD drawings s crane positioning, clearances, radius, rigging, ground bearing pressures and lift procedures. Moving items in tight locations, or when cranes are not feasible because of excessive weight of payload, GOLDEN STATE CRANE’s Jack and Roll services are administered with the support of our engineering team.